Hospitality & Leisure Ventures

Check in to the Hospitality & Leisure industry—where life's a vacation, and the business opportunities are as plentiful as a hotel buffet. Get ready to be the host with the most... profitable venture.

by Business.How Team

Lodging & Accommodation Ideas

Whether you're providing a luxury suite or a quirky glamping experience, these ideas are about saying "nighty-night" in style.

Active Leisure & Adventure Ideas

For those who can't sit still, these businesses promise action-packed thrills and the chance to wear a helmet more often.

Tour & Travel Services Ideas

Explore the world or your backyard with these wanderlust-fulfilling business ventures. Just don't forget your map...or smartphone.

Entertainment & Recreation Ideas

Get ready to amuse and be amused. These ideas are for those who believe life is a game - and one that should come with tokens and high scores.

Event Planning & Consulting Ideas

For the organized souls who love to check off their to-do lists, these ideas are about turning dreams into perfectly executed reality.

Specialty Experience & Unique Ventures Ideas

From the odd to the entrepreneurial, these ideas give "niche market" a whole new meaning. Just because it's unique doesn't mean it's any less serious...well, maybe a little.

Sports & Physical Activities Ideas

Serve up some serious business with these sports-centered enterprises. It's game, set, match, and profits.

Aquatic & Marine Ventures Ideas

Dive into business with these water-based ideas. Just remember to keep your finances afloat.

Gaming & Interactive Fun Ideas

For those who get their kicks from pixels, puzzles, and pawns, these ideas could be your next business "play".

Special Services & Rentals Ideas

Some say it's all about the journey, not the destination. These business ideas make sure that journey is packed with efficiency and convenience.

Outdoor & Nature-Based Ideas

These businesses will have you taking the scenic route to success, proving that Mother Nature might just be the best business partner there is.

Wellness & Retreat Ventures

When business meets tranquility, you get ventures that not only replenish the spirit but also fill the pocket.

Special Interest & Hobby-Based Ideas

Turn your passion into your paycheck with these niche businesses that cater to very specific pastimes and interests.

Relationship & Personal Services

Help others find love, joy, and companionship, and maybe find a bit of it for yourself — in the form of a thriving business.

Creative & Performing Arts Ideas

For those who dance to the beat of their own drum, your stage awaits. It's time to put on a show that also brings in the dough.

Indoor Entertainment Ventures

Cue up some business plans or shuffle the deck for entrepreneurial action with these indoor activities that can draw crowds year-round.

Unique Experience & Adventure Ideas

Adrenaline and awe are the currency of these businesses, ideal for those who want to offer something out of the ordinary.

Sporting & Recreation Ventures

Whether it's getting a hole-in-one or striking out the competition, these businesses aim to create memorable moments for sport enthusiasts.

Outdoor & Nature-Based Experiences

Embrace the great outdoors with businesses that capitalize on natural settings and outdoor activities.

Specialized Lodging & Accommodation Ideas

These business concepts offer travelers and vacationers unique lodging experiences, from simplicity to luxury.

Leisure & Tourism Services

Help customers make the most of their leisure time or provide essential services to tourists with these business ideas.

Fun & Stress-Relief Entertainment

For those looking to blow off steam or laugh their troubles away, these businesses could offer the perfect escape.

Aquatic & Marine Experiences

Dive into business with ventures that explore the wonders of the water, whether it's beneath the waves or on the surface.

End-of-Life Services

Providing dignity and care at the end of life's journey, these businesses cater to both the departed and those left behind.

Travel & Exploration Ventures

For those with wanderlust, these businesses can turn the passion for travel into profitable ventures, guiding others to explore the world.

Educational & Skill Development Ideas

Foster growth and learning with businesses that offer educational experiences and the development of new skills.

Specialty Tour & Experience Providers

Cater to niche interests and create unforgettable experiences with tours that go beyond the usual sightseeing.