Education & Learning Platforms

Class is in session! Or should we say, "Profit 101." Forget the apple; bring your teacher an investment plan because the Education & Learning industry is ripe for innovation.

by Business.How Team

Creative Arts & Performance Business Ideas

Strum the heartstrings or hit the high notes, these businesses make art and performance accessible to all.

Online Education Business Ideas

Dive into the virtual world of learning where knowledge is just a click away!

Specialized Training Business Ideas

Unleash inner talents, from nurturing green thumbs to mastering the art of putting, one lesson at a time.

Language & Communication Business Ideas

Converse, compose, and communicate - the world is your linguistic oyster!

Academic Tutoring Business Ideas

Ace those exams and master the books with expert guidance from calculus to Kafka.

Lifestyle & Wellness Training Business Ideas

From the lotus position to survival positions, get trained for every curveball life throws at you.

Career Development & Coaching Business Ideas

Resumes to public speaking, boost careers with businesses that polish professional prowess.

Recreational & Adventure Learning Business Ideas

Embrace the thrill, from riding waves to scaling new heights or even horseback trotting!

Parenting & Life Skills Business Ideas

Whether it's the ABCs of diaper changing or the complexities of teenage psychology, get schooled on parenting.

Sports & Physical Training Business Ideas

From perfecting a pirouette to catching the perfect wave, get into the business of physical finesse.

Entrepreneurial & Business Skills Business Ideas

Sharpen those Shark Tank skills with businesses designed to craft the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Outdoor & Environmental Education Business Ideas

For those who like their classrooms to have no walls and to teach lessons that could save our planet.